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30.09.2019 - SUMMARY

Our conference was attended by almost 180 people from 11 countries. In addition to a huge amount of professional knowledge in the field of history of garden art, preservation and management of gardens and historical parks, the participants visited gardens and interiors of the Royal Castle in Warsaw as well as park and chosen, the most beautiful objects of the Royal Łazienki Museum.

The event was held under the patronage of: Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, National Heritage Board of Poland, ICOMOS Polish National Committee, IFLA Europe, Polish UNESCO Committee, European Garden Heritage Network, European Network of Historic Gardens, Landscape Architecture Association, Association of Polish Landscape Architects, Association Monument Conservators and Polish Rose Society.


The event's organizational partner was Royal Łazienki Museum. We were also supported by: Rain Bird Europe, Bętkowski Service, Emeralld, Husqvarna Poland. The conference was held in three languages ​​thanks to Bireta Professional Translations. Maria Popiak from Flower Rainbow Power Studio took care of the graphic design of the event. The magnificent appearance of the conference rooms and the splendor of the banquet with a flower show were made by the Flowers & Miut duo and the City of Kutno together with Weronika Lenarczyk from the Kutno Culture Center.

All experts, participants, colleagues, friends and lovers of garden art, who  contributed any way to the organization of the event - THANK YOU SO MUCH.


We have a fantastic surprise for you. In addition to the fact that the Flowers & MIUT duo will take care of the floral setting during the conference, on the evening of September 26, during a banquet in the Kubicki Arcades, the gentlemen will present a display of bouquet art related to the history of flowers and changes that have taken place in the art of flower arranging for centuries until today.

Łukasz Marcinkowski - deals with floristry for over 14 years. He started in high school, then he chose gardening as the first field of study, furniture design at the Academy of Fine Arts. Radek Berent - photographer, graphic artist and esthete, looking for art in every, even usable detail. Author of photos for the book "On flowers" and "On plants". Together, they form a floristic duo combining knowledge, experience and, above all, a unique artistic style inspired by Anglo-Saxon floristry Constance Spry, initiated at the beginning of the 20th century.


Kutno The City of Roses actively supports the Gardens of the Royal Castle in garden projects. It is worth getting acquainted with the idea of ​​the city authorities and the genesis of their love for garden art.

Kutno is a medium-sized city very conveniently located in the central part of Poland. Its uniqueness is evidenced not only by its location, but by its rich rose history. It is thanks to her that Kutno has been functioning as the City of Roses for years. This was due to a return to the tradition, which is now flourishing again thanks to the activities of the City Hall and the Kutno Culture Center. Both institutions maintain the tradition and rose culture originated in Kutno at the beginning of the 20th century by the Eizyków brothers, and which has developed significantly thanks to the activities of Bolesław Wituszyński - an outstanding Polish breeder, creator of roses Kutno, Marylka and Copernicus. In Kutno, each year at the beginning of September, Rose Festival is organized, the largest rose-themed event in Poland, in 2019 its 45th edition took place. This event includes The Polish National Rose Exhibition co-organized by the Polish Rose Society, rose competitions for professionals and amateurs, the Rose Fair and the Outdoor Rose Fair. In the urban space you can admire over 60,000 rose bushes at flower beds and squares. Kutno actively promotes knowledge about roses on the national arena by participating in fairs, conferences and panels related to gardening and greenery promotion.


The event was held under the patronage of the Polish Rose Society, whose Royal Castle Gardens in Warsaw are a supporting member.

The Polish Rose Society promotes knowledge about the cultivation and history of roses and creates favorable conditions for cooperation between amateurs, scientists and nurserymen, between units and institutions. The universal beauty and history of the flower queen has magnetized people for centuries. The Polish Rose Society feels the heir to this tradition. Our direct predecessor was the Polish Society of Rose Lovers. Today, after almost twenty years of the lack of a similar institution in Poland, we can again enjoy the existence of the Polish association of people united by a common passion, wishing to co-create a rose culture and promote the love of beauty that they discovered in roses. And they rediscover this beauty all the time. PTR publishes the Roses Bulletin, organizes study trips to rose gardens in Poland and abroad, prepares lectures, lectures, trainings on knowledge of roses, organizes rose exhibitions and competitions.

More information at www.polskietimediaworozane.org.


Husqvarna supplies the Royal Castle Gardens with mowing works and cooperates as a partner during garden celebrations. See her basic profile.
Husqvarna® - the largest global manufacturer of high-class machinery, equipment and accessories for the care of green areas in parks, forests and gardens such as: self-propelled mowers, Automower® automatic mowers, toppers, grass trimmers, saws. The Husqvarna Group is also the European leader in irrigation systems as well as the world leader in the production of cutting machines and devices as well as diamond tools.

More information about the company available at www.husqvarna.pl


We are pleased to announce that the Royal Castle's Gardens have been awarded in the 36th competition of the Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw and the Society of Friends of Warsaw, entitled: "Warsaw in flowers and greenery". The Director of the Royal Castle in Warsaw on Saturday, September 14, 2019 received a special President Stefan Starzyński prize. The competition, continuing the pre-war idea of ​​President Stefan Starzyński - to beautify the capital, also carries out tasks important for our modern times. It is an attempt to answer the civilization and ecological problems of large cities. It is an open invitation, an incentive for owners of balconies, home gardens and creators of social gardens to arrange a shared space of the city. It has an undeniable impact on our surroundings, and thus on ourselves - on our physical and mental health. Thanks to the participants of the competition, Warsaw becomes healthier and more beautiful place.

Thank you very much for this wonderful award!


Our conference is also supported by associations of landscape architects active in Poland. We present information about the basic goals and values ​​that define their operating principles.

The Association of Polish Landscape Architects (SPAK) is a creative association founded in 2009, open to all who practice landscape architecture. The main objectives pursued by SPAK include: providing landscape architects with full rights to participate in shaping the spatial order of the Republic of Poland, in accordance with the principle of sustainable development, creating and protecting conditions for the development of creativity in the field of landscape architecture, shaping civic attitudes and professional ethics of landscape architects, developing standards professional activities in the field of landscape architecture, creating a professional chamber of landscape architects. SPAK pursues its goals through active cooperation with local government authorities and the government administration of the Poland in the field of shaping spatial order, as well as through cooperation with other associations and creative associations as well as institutions responsible for protecting and shaping the environment in the country and abroad. The Association actively supports landscape architects in the process of designing and implementing investments, it also cooperates in educating landscape architects and promoting their creative achievements. One of the most important tasks of SPAK is to organize and support meetings, conferences and symposia related to the landscape.


The Gardens of the Royal Castle in Warsaw as a member of the European Garden Heritage Network have obtained the patronage of the network over the organization of our conference. It is worth getting acquainted with the idea of the network and its basic statutory tasks.

The European Garden Heritage Network EGHN started as a project funded by the European Union in 2003. Its main objectives include raising the profile of parks and gardens, communicating theirheritage values, showing their contribution to healthy cities, to the wellbeing of inhabitants and to the local economy. Almost 200 gardens in 14 countries use their partnership in the EGHN as a proof for their excellence. All gardens are promoted on the EGHN website in four languages and with numerous images(www.eghn.eu). This and the inclusion into EGHN’s regional or themed European routes helpincreasingvisitor numbers and political support. With many partner gardens owned by the public sector, EGHN is in a good position to implement funded projects of interest for a wide professional audience. Activities of EGHN include workshops and conferences, support the professional exchange (e.g. for gardeners), publications and photo exhibitions and the annual European Garden Award.


BIRETA Professional Translations is a Warsaw translation agency with 17 years of experience in the language services industry. The company specializes in servicing large translation projects for industry and business. It works in accordance with the international standards ISO 17100 and ISO 18587, which specify the requirements for the provision of high-quality translation services. Thanks to the Information Security Management System compliant with the ISO 27001 standard, it guarantees clients security and protection of information confidentiality. The company also has many years of experience in comprehensive interpretation services during conferences, training sessions and business meetings. It provides experienced translators, professional equipment and written translations of conference materials.

More information at https://www.bireta.pl


Rain Bird Corporation, a privately held company, was founded in 1933, and over the past 8 decades we are the leading global manufacturer and provider of irrigation products and services for farms, golf courses, sports arenas, commercial developments and homes in more than 130 countries around the world. From the very beginning we are committed to The Intelligent Use of Water™ - effective use of water is our philosophy. Starting form the first patent in 1935 for the original horizontal action impact drive sprinkler (U.S. Patent #1,997,901), which isthe base product in irrigationused worldwidetill today, Rain Bird has been awarded more than 450 patents and offers presently over 4,000 water-saving irrigation products and services. In Rain Bird we are proud to be a family owned company operating all over the World.

More details at https://www.rainbird.com/corporate/about-rain-bird


Bętkowski Service supports the Royal Castle in Warsaw in organizing the event and every day in maintaining our gardens at the highest level.

For over 20 years, Bętkowski Service has been selling grass care machinery and equipment for hobbyists and professionals from the world's largest brands, including John Deere, Husqvarna, Wiedenmann and GKB. In addition, the company conducts product training and training in the proper care of sports grasslands and gardens. Its offer also includes specialized machines and devices dedicated to golf courses.


Emeralld is a comprehensive range of solutions and products targeted at private users and professionals. The Partner's activity is related to shaping a healthy and friendly environment both in the home garden as well as in a football stadium or golf course. As part of the cooperation, it organizes training, conducts audits and consultancy related to proper fertilization and care combined with agrotechnical treatments. The company cooperates with football clubs, service companies, urban and park greenery managers as well as sports centers throughout Poland.