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International Scientific Conference:



The idea of the conference combines respect for the achievements of the old masters of garden art with a contemporary view of culture, nature and the role of historic gardens. It is based on a dialogue of values, traditions and genius loci with modern scientific, natural knowledge and creative understanding of the mission of museums and residences, which together with their gardens allow to create sensitivity and bring a new quality to social life.

The need for contact with nature, a keen interest in gardens, and especially historical ones, which attracts crowds of visitors around the world, poses new challenges to managers, while inspiring them to continue their activities.

The planned Conference continues the actions taken by the Royal Castle in the spirit of "museumization" of garden spaces, the leaven of which was the opening of the Lower Gardens in May 2019, closing the long-term process of recreating the residences of kings and authorities of the Republic of Poland after the war damage and turmoil of history. The beginning of these activities was the International Conference HISTORIC GARDENS: AUTHENTICITY, PROTECTION, MANAGEMENT, organized in September 2019, which became a place of discussion for outstanding researchers and practitioners.

The idea of combining art, culture and nature in the spaces of the Castle and Gardens was perfectly continued and developed by the Royal Flower Exhibition organized in June 2021. It became the scene of the artistic message of artists – florists, landscape architects and gardeners, who masterfully showed this marriage by creating arrangements stimulating imagination and emotions, inspired by nature and various fields of art. 

The aim of the currently planned Conference is to present the European experience of invited guests representing eminent objects of historic garden art, institutions and scientific centres, as well as to exchange opinions and discuss the possible harmony between the old and new identity, as well as to present solutions to new challenges posed to facility managers by social needs and expectations, environmental, climate and economic changes.

The conference is addressed to architects, designers, engineers, landscape architects, gardeners, historians, art historians (all specialties), conservators, officials and all lovers and enthusiasts of broadly understood garden art.


More details coming soon.